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Networked Security Camera and Video Surveillance Solutions

Clearly, security cameras are effective against crime, but they serve more purposes than just crime prevention.  Whether your workplace is commercial or industrial, you can benefit from installing security cameras on your property.

INS Solutions for Security Camera & Surveillance

The security industry is evolving, and there are now more options than ever for business security camera systems. While commercial video surveillance can help improve security, there are some important considerations that will maximize the visibility and functionality of the system over time. At INS, we provide scalable network enabled camera and video solutions that offer exceptional monitoring and configuration flexibility at an affordable price.

Before recommending the right configuration, we’ll work with you to determine your specific security and monitoring needs.  A few things to consider include:

Why a Security Camera System?

Reduce Shrinkage

Video surveillance systems are extremely beneficial for preventing theft. If your company is suffering from high shrinkage, investing in security cameras can help deter negative behaviors like employee theft and shoplifting from customers.

Keep Your Employees Productive

When your workers know you can see what they’re doing in a moment’s notice, they won’t be as tempted to goof off and not do the tasks at hand. Your security cameras will also give you a chance to show appreciation to those who deserve it and reprimand those who need a firm reminder.

Resolve Disputes Quicker

Having a good surveillance system ensures that you not only get the true story, but you also bring about fair resolutions. This can help facilitate a better overall work environment.

Better Workplace Safety

Considering falls, slips, and other accidents may happen at your workplace, it’s best if all of these are captured and documented. Not only will it provide clear records of when and where accidents happen, but it can also help you improve your safety protocol when you see the most common accidents right in front of your eyes.

Protect Yourself from Legal Action

Should anyone try to take legal action against you wrongly, you can swiftly counter it with hard evidence from your surveillance systems.  This helps in cases where employees take legal action against one another as well. When you can provide them with video recordings, it can help their court proceedings go a lot quicker and smoother.

Protect Your Employees and Clients

By installing a robust video surveillance system, you’ll deter criminals from even thinking about committing any crimes on your property. Not only will this protect your employees, but it can also safeguard any clients you may have visited the site.

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