Installation, connectivity and security of your IT network

Your computer network is the backbone of your operation. It needs to be reliable, secure and manageable. Networking installation and management services from INS can help you upgrade an existing network or design and install a new one.

Networking Solutions from INS

Network Installation & Management

In today’s connected world, your network carries everything you work on and empowers your business. It is the foundation of your company’s IT infrastructure.  Let INS help build your new network or upgrade and maintain your current one, to make it more reliable and effective.  We can install any kind of local networking equipment and provide structured cabling for data, voice, security, CCTV, audio, and more.

Secure Connectivity between Offices & Remote Users

Today’s technology allows for seamless connectivity between offices and remote workers.
Point-to-point and VPN services provide wide area network connectivity for your entire organization as if it was located together in one central facility.  Remote workers can connect and take advantage of these same systems and services.
The world is now one seamless network and INS can help you utilize the advantages of these technologies.

Wireless Networking

Whether it’s for your employees’ phones, tablets, or laptops, nearly every office today has a need for wireless connectivity.  
INS installs wireless network equipment and ensures optimal connectivity throughout your building at an affordable price.

Virtual & Firewall Protection

Networks are a primary target of cyber threats, making it imperative that it remain secure and protected.  INS can design and implement protections and preventative measures at every level of your network.


INS can implement systems to limit access, track users, and provide real-time virus and trojan protection on your computers and for all incoming network traffic.

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