IT Assessment

A complete, independent assessment of the health of your IT infrastructure.

Your IT Health Checkup

Our IT assessment provides a cursory review of your IT setup and inner-workings.  This allows us to determine what IT support you may need for your business.  We’ll provide a high-level assessment of how systems are setup, processes that are in place, and review any protection that may be in place to prevent cyber threats.


Using data collection tools, external scans and discussing organizational priorities with your team, we’ll create a scorecard of how your IT infrastructure rates. 

External Assessment

This includes systems that provide services on the internet such as email servers, web servers and other systems such as the firewalls that are in place to prevent unauthorized access from the internet into your organization.


This may also include any systems you have in place to allow employees to connect into your organization remotely. These remote access points normally involve a VPN that should be tested as part of your external assurance.

Internal Assessment

This would include the review of anything attached to your internal network including:


  • Desktop and server build and configuration, and network management security
  • Backup and recovery processes
  • Laptops and other mobile devices such as phones and tablets used for remote access
  • Email and other Critical Applications
  • IT Security
  • Wireless network review

Once our assessment is complete, you’ll receive a summary and overall score of your IT health.

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